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The development of technology and the internet has led the gambling environment to evolve into its newest form today. People can play and access the casinos by their mobile phone or computers any time and anywhere by the internet connection. The evolution of casino gambling, or we can call it online betting, also brings new experience and easiness for whoever plays it. Slotxo, for example, this online betting platform is bringing their players’ unforgettable experiences in betting. This platform can provide a lot of online slot games to its players and easy to access anywhere. You can also get various bonuses such s free spin, free play, and even the best one: free bonus credits 100 for new players. Apply now for สมัคร slotxo โบนัส 100 (Apply for slotxo bonus 100), and feel the differences of playing the online slot betting rather than play on old and lame conventional casinos.

slotxo For Beginners

The tagline “for everyone 18+” in Slotxo is not nonsense. It means that if you consider yourself a beginner, you play it without getting worried about losing and anything else. Slotxo provides clear rules for each game. All you have to do is read it carefully, and I can make sure you can get a lot of jackpot in the game. Slotxo also provides various games that you can access without using your credit. This feature can be so helpful as the learning platform before you get into the real deal.

Since you are understood if Slotxo is designated for everyone, including the beginners, now you are good to go to get the information about the general rules in Slotxo to win the game in the easiest way. Let’s get started.

Slotxo Rules

Learning the rules is the fundamental procedure in beating any game. Not only online betting but also other games like Monopoly, card games, or even chess. We will learn further about the rules in playing the online games in Slotxo in the below section. The rules are:

Pay Lines

Each of the slot’s videos is having a different number of pay lines. For example, you may get a video that containing 20-25 pay lines. In some cases, the total amount of pay lines is able to reach 50-100. What does this pay lines matter mean? Paylines are the thing that you are betting on, and they can be concluded as the slots in the game. You can just put your money on the slot’s number that you want in choosing the pay lines. Hence, you cannot be specifically chosen which line that you want to choose but the number only.

The mechanism in betting on the pay lines can be described as:

If you want to place your credit on a specific number, you only have to bet on that single number, but if you’re going to choose five or even ten pay lines, you have to put your money to those numbers. Betting on a lot of numbers can be effective because it can raise your chance to get the jackpot.

In placing your bets, you can put your credits on those numbers horizontally, vertically, zig-zag, and several patterns else provided within the game’s rules. Use your creativity and analysis to find out which pattern is more effective to win the game.

Wild Symbols

One of the most important symbols in the game is the Wild symbol. These are similar to the ‘Joker’ in card games and can pop up at any time.

If you ever play a card game, you must be familiar with the special card named “Joker,” right? Of course, you do, what a famous card it is. In the online slot games, there is a Wild Symbol, which you can associate with Joker on card games. The function of Wild Symbols is to become the substitute for the other number. For example, if you get 7-7-and Wild Number, it can be assumed that you get the jackpot. Nonetheless, there is a limitation of the Wild Symbol usage. Indeed, it can be used as the substitute for the numbers but not with the Bonus or Scatter symbol.

The good news is you can get more than a single Wild Symbol per game. If you are lucky enough, you can get 2 to 4 Wild Symbols per play. Test your luck, สมัคร slotxo โบนัส 100 (Apply for slotxo bonus 100) and get your fist Wild Symbol on Slotxo.

Scatter Symbols

As it was mentioned above, Scatter Symbol is pretty unique. Why can it be quite unique? Because this symbol can give you free spins, bonus games, or multiply your total betting credit that you use in the game. This symbol can appear anywhere in-game and pop up in the slot bar but in the whole reels.


Imagine if you have a sports car. It will be fun, isn’t it? Now imagine if all of a sudden, you get the two sports cars. The fun will be multiplied, of course. So do the Multipliers Symbols in slot games. It has a function as the trigger to multiply all of the betting results that you gain from the game. In most cases, the player can get 3 or 4 multiples based on their total Payout Tables results.

Free Spins

Yes, Slotxo brings you the chance to get you free spins by acquiring the Scatters Symbols. You can use it later to raise your chance of getting the other Scatter Symbols, Multiplier Symbols, Bonus Symbols, or you can get another free spin for endless joyous.

Bonus Games

Bonus games are the true target for any player in the world. By acquiring the Bonus Games, you can get various benefits such as the multiplied results, free another round, or you can simply get the extra bucks at the end of your game. Many players in the world have learned the slots’ pattern and tried to find the best formulas to get the Bonus Game symbols. You can get the Bonus game by getting the Scatter symbols or just get the bonus symbols when you play the slot game.

Progressive Jackpots

There is nothing more pleasant than hearing the jackpot at the slot machine. In Slotxo, you can also get the Progressive Jackpot. Is it similar to the jackpot in real betting? Yes, it is similar to the jackpot in conventional betting. The mechanism of the jackpot per se is similar. All you have to do is just get the perfect pattern in the slot game as the combo, or you can get it by luck. The game algorithm is also similar. Once you win the jackpot, it will be reset until you can break some combos again.

Slotxo Strategy

Here are some hints that you can use as tactics in playing the online slot games in Slotxo:

Find the right SLOTOX games for you:

Choose the games in Slotxo that perfectly match you.

Hold your credit, don’t spend it too much on a game.

Try and learn some patterns in the slot game.